The Gallipoli 100
Fate of the Boats

So, what was the fate of the boats that were part of the Gallipoli Cup.

The costs to move the boats to Turkey had been borne by the surf clubs, the Gallipoli 100 organising committee had arranged for a good freight price. However, it was never the intention that the boats should return to Australia or New Zealand. The boats were to remain in Europe to foster the sport of surf rowing.

In the final wash-up, after sitting for some time at a beach on the Sea of Marmara, and the resolution of funding issues, the boats reached the United Kingdom where they are being used by members of the United Kingdom Surf Rowers' League.

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The boats at the Sea of Marmara.

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The boats in the UK.

In the United Kingdom the boats will be given a new lease of life, a fitting end to this great tribute to those who made our nations’ name in World War 1.

The contribution of the organising committee Paul Murphy (without whose energy and personal financial assistance the event would not have happened), Paul Cooper and Bob Hunt along with the committee of every club who put in the effort to fundraise and the rowers who gave their time to be there needs to be recognised. It is both significant and disappointing that the Australian Government and media almost totally ignored the event.

Nonetheless, this website will stand testament to the fact that the event took place. Please note that with the winding-up of the Gallipoli 100 organisation, this website is sponsored by

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